From past to present


Old traces of our home are confirmed in the cadastral maps of the city of Asti, which signaled already at the end of '800 in the suburb of the town, a manor house called "Freilina."

In 20s Mr Picco Bartolomeo bought the lands around the Freilina and after nearly five decades, his nephew, who was also baptized as Bartolomeo, realized that those lands, that have long represented an important source of livelihood for family, must be built in a compatible way with the beauty of the area.

This investment was later used to restore the charm and beauty of Freilina, whose history is intertwined with the Picco’s family story.

Works began in 2007 with a major commitment by the whole family, employees and collaborators, by which in a few years was completed restructuring.

The idea was to preserve as much as possible the original structure of the Freilina, as evidenced by the beautiful mosaic floors, the paintings of the ceilings, the wood windows and interior, stone floors and exterior architecture which can be seen in photo gallery and in detail if you choose to come and visit us!